When its been a long winter and the few times that were free to go out and shoot, the weather was not camera friendly, a IMGP8387day at the zoo can create a spark that starts the photography fire again. And while the photos may not be those fine artworks you want to capture, it gets your skills working again and shows you what you need to work on. Or like in my case I purchased a new camera during the winter and am in theIMGP8336 process of learning all the new features and controls.Try to see differently, and try new things, and look at other photographers work for ideas. YouTube can be your friend as well. See if a photographer who’s style you like has a channel and watch. Join a site or Facebook page where your photos can be critiqued. I’m a fan of Thomas Hawk and Trey Ratcliff as I like Trey’s HDR style and Thomas’ eye on the world, I swear the man can find a photo not matter where he is. So let Spring be more then just flowers blooming, let it spur you onto a new chapter in your photographic approach and skills.

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