You have likely heard this term, but do you understand how it could protect you? the quick answer is that even if your password is stolen, second factor is a wall between the hacker and your account. the most common use if second factor is having a text message sent to your phone. This is good long as no one had hacked your phone or its account. The next secure second factor is using an Authentication application on your computer or phone to show you a 6 digit pin to enter to get access to your account. the third and most secure is a hardware token and an associated password or fingerprint. This link is to the Freedom of the Press blog and explains this in more details.  I use the Yubikey token and its associated Authentication app on my phone to secure my logins along with LastPass password manager to keep everything nice and secure. LastPass keeps my password secure by encrypting them and requires a master password AND use of my Yubikey to get access to my passwords. If I were to forget my master password I would need to have access to my emergency pins that I printed out and locked away with no identification as to what they are for in a lockbox. Yubikey wrote I great blog on how to make yourself as secure as possible here: 

Authenticators like Google Authenticator can be found in the Google PlayStore or Apple App Store depending on your device. Yubikey and Lastpass are multi-platform and can sync across Device types to keep you up to date. 

Once you have read it over, if you need help setting up second factor give me a call and I’ll work with you to get you setup and as secure as possible

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